Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser offers a wide array of general, cosmetic and periodontal services to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Hollywood. His considerable experience in numerous fields of dentistry, including his revolutionary integration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Principle of Divine Proportion, makes him the most adept…

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How do my Porcelains look? All top16 teeth. And it’s not Porcelain veneers or lumineers. It is No Prep- Veneers Onlays !

        Looks great ! The  No Prep Onlays procedure is the newest Porcelain restoration procedure that Dr Anthony Mobasser can use to restore the beauty and the bite for you. The beauty of this procedure is no or very minimal drilling to your natural teeth, it is…

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5 Oral Health Issues Seniors Face

Geriatric patients can encounter various medical conditions. Unfortunately, those conditions can effect their their oral health. Senior Oral health can become an issue when they’re on multiple prescription drugs with multiple side effects and possibly experiencing neurological problems as they may find it difficult to brush or floss effectively as…

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