Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles

Customized Porcelain Veneers Designed By Dr Mobasser Provides Anti Aging Dentistry, He Combines Art and Science to Give You Amazing look !

Many of Dr. Mobassers patients come from around the world and across from the US, travel for many hours, just to come to his Los Angeles, near Beverly Hills private dental practice to get their veneers designed and placed by him. He is known as one of the best dentist for veneers, in which has placed over 10,000 veneers successfully over his 30 years of practice in cosmetic dentistry. Veneers can be done for single front tooth, four front teeth, smile line veneers which is normally ten veneers or full mouth veneers. The cost of veneers varies depends on complexity of the case, the bite and the original length, shape and color. Most of the veneers he has placed have been on his patients mouth for over 25 years and continue to look and function amazingly, according to his reviews on Google. Veneers are Dr Mobasser’s specialty and passion, especially when it comes to re designing your veneers and your smile. Due to his vast knowledge and experience in designing and placing veneers, his porcelain veneers are not the cheapest but it is considered the best by his customers! According to WebMD, many veneers can cost you up to $1,000 to $2,000 per tooth, depending on which veneer.

What is the best veneers for teeth?

Porcelain veneers is the best veneers, since they are durable, strong, and can resemble tooth color or give you a Hollywood white look. Most Entertainment Stars, Beverly Hills and Hollywood Celebrities, and the Elite, choose porcelain veneers as opposed to other veneers. Of all the porcelain veneers, The most aesthetic veneers by far, is Feldspathic porcelain veneers produced by Master Ceramist, followed by Emax or silicone Dissilicate, and Cubic Zerconia veneers. However as far as the strength, the order is reversed, and be aware the Feldspathic veneers is not suitable for everyone. As an expert in the field of advanced aesthetic dentistry, Dr Anthony Mobasser will select the best suitable esthetic material to maximize your Esthetic and functional outcome! Dr Mobasser will do an in depth study of your teeth prior to selecting the suitable material for you. The key to successful veneers per Dr Mobasser is to develop a full facial treatment plan encompassing personalized SMILE DESIGN and select from different medium of ceramics.


Before Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers

After Porcelain Veneers


Before Porcelain Veneers


After Porcelain Veneers

How much Veneers cost in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills? The cost of veneers varies from $2000 and up in Los Angeles Beverly Hills area, the cost varies since each smile is unique, how many teeth, the bite, the original color, the desired color and length of time you want your veneers and most importantly the expertise and the knowledge of the cosmetic dentist performing it. Proper evaluation and consultation is a prerequisite. Veneers, will give you a new lease on life, not only making you look your best but you will feel more fabulous and complete!! This procedure is used both for health and cosmetic reasons, to strengthen your teeth as well as to rejuvenate your smile to that smile you always wanted. Dental Veneers are designed not only to match your face, your skin tone, the shape of your lips, it can be designed to match your personality also.

Dr Mobasser also can design reverse porcelain veneers, to improve the bite or occlusion. Most reverse veneers are placed on canine teeth to improve the bite or occlusion. In many of Dr. Mobasser’s cases, due to severe grinding, clenching and acid erosion, the back of the teeth are worn out and cause your bite to collapse further. Specially designed lingual veneers can restore and improve your worn out teeth and make them strong to chewing forces. So veneers can actually improve your smile and restore function much better than dental bonding procedures, since ceramic veneers are much stronger and more durable.

Do Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

Veneers which has been placed on aggressively or radical prepared teeth by a dentist can absolutely irreversibly damage your teeth, causing sensitivity, gum irritation, and bone degeneration, also veneers that are not fitted right can cause irreversible damage. However thin or conservatively prepared veneers by the dentist and crafted by an experienced master ceramist can last many decades. It all depends on the expertise of your cosmetic dentist and the philosophy of tooth conservation, and minimal tooth reduction that can give you very long predictable lasting results.

The shape of your teeth can dictate if you want to have a more masculine smile for males vs a more feminine smile for females. The veneer pictures below demonstrates, how a slight change in shape can match your personality, or convert a more worn out teeth to a more youthful smile:

Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles before

Before smile veneers, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

Porcelain Veneers Before

Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles after

After smile feldspar porcelain veneers, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

Porcelain Veneers After

Natural white veneers was fabricated. Pearly white or natural white color is very different than Hollywood white which is very reflective and almost opaque white. Dr Mobasser, instructs his master ceramist using E max with cut back of feldspar porcelain the give the patient a natural pearly white color and improving the shape and size of teeth to fit the patients lip and face. Our patient could not be happier, since the above thin veneers purpose was to conserve tooth structure and enamel. Minimal Invasive Dentistry (with minimal tooth preparation or shaping), to achieve a perfect smile for our patient.


Transforming Your Smile

The only regret is that I should have done it sooner! Is what most patients express after veneers done by Dr Mobasser.

A veneer is an ultra thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to your teeth. They enable you to change the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth and can last for over 20 years, according to The Journal of the American Dental Association. Top Celebrity Dentist Dr Anthony Mobasser uses his own unique technique to deliver veneers with their unique shape and color to match the patient’s face and personality.

In order to achieve natural, or natural white results, the veneer selected by your DDS and you must not be monochromatic, but poly-chromatic, which means they are not a uniform single color, nor should it be opaque. An artistic creativity is required to form natural beauty to the tooth through the layering of colors, and the preparation of your teeth for the veneer to mimic natural tooth qualities you desire, hence selecting the right cosmetic dentist is of vital importance.

Porcelain Veneers los angeles

Porcelain Veneers los angeles

Click the photo above for the before and after photos

What determines the success of veneers?

1- Preservation of Enamel, and avoiding dentin exposure (the bond to dentin is not as strong to enamel)

2- The foundation and the health of the Gums, BEFORE starting and preparing for veneers.

3- The occlusion and Bite, will determine if you are a candidate, and which porcelain to be used?

4- The Experience and knowledge of the dentist, plus using the right bonding protocol which may differ from one patient to other.

Veneers are typically bonded to your teeth and not cemented for lasting results.Veneer bonding is typically used to describe a method of adding tooth-colored resin material inside the veneers to permanently bond the porcelain shell to your prepared teeth. It is desirable that minimum preparation be done on your tooth since the longevity of the procedure, depends on how much enamel (the outer layer of your tooth structure) is preserved. Ideally careful case planning is done before Veneers procedure to rejuvenate your smile your personality and your life.

Porcelain Veneers are recommended for a variety of dental conditions such as: uneven spaces, causing food impaction or food stuck between your teeth, worn or chipped fractured teeth, stained or discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, short teeth that are too small or long teeth which are too prominent, crooked teeth etc. They are more durable and effective if the preparation is in enamel and not dentin. An additional benefit of Veneers is that they are a more conservative procedure than Dental crowns. Meaning more tooth is conserved as compared to dental crowns, since only the facial or front surface of your teeth is being worked on, as opposed to 360 degrees circumference. Dental veneers require an expert dentist to prepare and shape your existing teeth, the least invasive the better the longevity of veneer for many years. Per Dr Anthony Mobasser, I have seen too many restorations that the patient was told by the dentist that they had placed veneers, when in fact they have now crowns, or 3/4 crowns, which once the tooth is over cut and shaped, there is no going back to veneers.Over preparing by a treating dentist can cause dislodging of veneers, and frustration for you as the patient.

Dr Anthony Mobasser, have prepared and successfully bonded over 10,000 veneers successfully, in which some of his ceramic veneers smile make overs, or dental reconstruction with his veneer technique are still functioning over 25 years and cosmetically pleasing. Per Dr Mobasser dental veneers, is very technique sensitive, and now days with advent of many new porcelains in the market, The dentist diagnosis to select which type of veneers, the quality of preparation and bonding the porcelain to the tooth structure by an expert dentist, is the most vital aspect for lasting and pleasing results.

Before Veneers, Discolored, Spaces, Narrow Teeth

Before Veneers, Discolored, Spaces, Narrow Teeth

Porcelain Veneers with Feldspar Porcelain

Porcelain Veneers with Feldspar Porcelain


Choosing Color for your Porcelain Veneers?


What color should I choose for my Veneers?

Dr. Mobasser believes that tooth structure is precious and the more the dentist removes the more easily the restoration can fail. The expertise of the cosmetic dentist is critical for having a lasting restoration that will look great and function for a long time! If not done properly many failures such as de-bonding or fractures are common.

Porcelain Veneer Onlays is another procedure done for the back (posterior) teeth utilizing veneers to be extended to the chewing surface of your teeth to close gaps, food caught between your teeth due to small spaces, as the result of shifted teeth or ill fitting old fillings, Veneer onlays fix chipped teeth, and can cover discoloration to replace the traditional mercury silver fillings in your back teeth, and rejuvenate old worn out dentistry.

porcelain-veneers-los-angeles.jpgDental Veneers done by an expert cosmetic dentists are custom made to the individual’s lip form, face, skin tone, and personality. Unlike dental crowns, veneers require minimal tooth surface removal from teeth. The best Dentists advocate minimal contouring of the teeth so the preparation is not into dentin, but in enamel. Dr Mobasser believes tooth structure is precious and the more surface is removed, the more your tooth will be weaken ( less strong ) therefore the restoration can fail. Porcelain veneers do not even need temporaries since not much tooth structure is removed from the original teeth, and the same minimal removal is substituted by the ceramist (Highly trained dental lab technician ) to effect the change both patient and cosmetic dentist desired.

No prep veneers or Lumineers are considered as a sub category of dental veneers in which by definition, no tooth structure is removed, and a thin shell of porcelain is added to the existing tooth which still can make the tooth appear bulky, and over contoured. However lumineers can be a benefit in selected smile designs if the teeth are inclined “inward”, and if the existing occlusion and bite allows a lumineer to be placed. Lumineers are not indicated for teeth that are severely worn down due to grinding and clenching unless the individual is going to have all upper and lower teeth redone. Additionally, if there is crowding of teeth lumineers is not the ideal choice of treatment.

patient wanting sharp canine teeth

Patient wanting sharp canine teeth

redo veneers

Redo Veneers

Before & After Veneers from Dr. Mobasser:

Thin Veneers, which are between a category of dental Veneers and Lumineers, are also a possibility for the patient, which is another category, in which great success and results are possible, however it depends on the alignment of your existing teeth, the angulation of your teeth concurrent with your occlusion (bite). Dr Anthony Mobasser can evaluate if you are a candidate for Thin veneers.

Porcelain Veneers must be translucent, so when bonded onto the tooth surface, they mimic the light-handling Porcelain Veneers los angelescharacteristics of enamel if fabricated by a top master ceramist. Veneers resist staining as opposed to dental bonding procedure. On the other hand, the dental bonding procedure is a quick and ideal way to correct minor flaws, cracks or areas of discoloration. Cosmetic Dental bonding can be used to repair a chipped porcelain veneer.

If you are dissatisfied with Nature’s endowment of your smile? or Is your smile posing an inhibition to your personal and career growth? Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and have a smile to transform your personality? Nothing to worry about.

If you are dissatisfied with Nature’s endowment of your smile? visit Dr. Anthony Mobasser famous Cosmetic Dental practice in Los Angeles, which also serves Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood CA who has successfully applied more than 10,000 veneer procedure on various patients and Celebrities. He has rejuvenated countless Smiles and has 20 years’ successful follow up on his existing patients who have trouble free veneers during that time. Dr. Anthony Mobasser practice in Los Angeles is dedicated to people’s Health and cosmetic dental needs, with a team of highly talented dental specialists. Dr. Mobasser has a vast experience and expertise in the field of Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentistry.

You can transform your worn out dentistry to a new mouth via Custom Veneers in our practice. The color, shape and size of your teeth can be changed through our highly equipped California based cosmetic dental practice. We provide internal Layering porcelain technique for veneer procedures to create polychromatic natural results so the veneers do not look fake, but pleasing to the eyes. Dental veneers can be constructed in different quality material, such as feldspathic porcelain, lithium disilicate (emax), procra, ceramco, brux-zir, lava or zerconia, and many more.. depending on the patient bite and occlusion, that is why a bite analysis, and a complete evaluation prior to determine which porcelain veneer best fits your mouth is of importance!

Looking to get porcelain veneers but not sure how many veneers you really need?

Before Veneers: Broken, Worn out Teeth

Before Veneers: Broken, Worn out Teeth

After Full Mouth Porcelain Veneers, Beverly Hills, los Angeles CA

After Full Mouth Porcelain Veneers, Beverly Hills, los Angeles CA

Veneers is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can augment and enhance the color, shape and the overall appearance of one’s smile. How many porcelain veneer needed to accomplish the million dollar smile depends on your lip form, and how many teeth you show when you laugh out loud. In cosmetic dentistry, dentists call it smile line, or the “Esthetic Zone”. At Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry practice, every smile is by design.
After digital photography of every angle of your smile, Dr Mobasser will determine the number of laminate veneers required to turn an average smile into a priceless smile. Most patient will show an average of 8 to 12 teeth on the upper jaw and the same for the lower depending on their smile. It is very wise to match the lower veneers, exactly the number of veneers on the upper. The reason being is that porcelain is harder than your own tooth structure, and it is best to oppose the same material for your bite to be in harmony.porcelain-veneers-los-angels.jpg

Generally speaking in full smile, one shows 10 upper teeth and 10 lower teeth which is beautiful, and veneers can really compliment and beautify your smile. So in wanting to change the color and shape of your teeth, you will be needing 20 veneers, to cosmetically enhance your smile!

However if you just want to make them more aligned and DO NOT change the color then you can do a minimum of 4 dental veneer to bring any slightly protruded teeth in and align them perfectly. The result will be amazing.

If due to your budget and the cost of porcelain veneers, you can not afford 20 laminate veneers, then the first step is to bleach your teeth, evaluate the color, and just do the front 4, and improve the alignment of your teeth and enhance the shape and color! Dr Anthony Mobasser do not recommend 6 veneers, unless your bite and occlusion needs improvement. The cosmetic dentist needs to do a more comprehensive evaluation, with xrays, bite analysis and digital photos to direct you to a porcelain veneer treatment, and give you what you want!. Usually 6 veneers is not recommended, since it will hide the back teeth after your canines and the result is not natural. From the front view of your smile, it may look good, but the moment you turn your head, ( in the side view), it looks like 6 bright teeth sticking out.

Finally remember your best option for alignment and straightening your teeth is orthodontics, or braces (which takes time), but helps regarding alignment, however orthodontics does not improve the shape nor the color, but if you want improvement in shape and color permanently then you need to do laminate veneers. Veneers can also help your occlusion and bite, in certain cases your full mouth can be treated with veneers and overlay veneers to correct worn out bite in which it may involve veneering all 28 teeth ( usually we do not veneer and overlay porcelain on 4 wisdom teeth). Just remember to see an expert cosmetic dentist to ascertain how many veneers is needed to turn a mediocre smile to a terrific smile.


Before Porcelain Veneers Discolored Root Canal Teeth


After Porcelain Veneers Discolored Root Canal Teeth

Gaped teeth can be restored with veneers, all spaces can be closed, however the cosmetic dentist must measure the spaces to add the porcelain judiciously to provide a pleasing smile. Dental bonding can also help gaped teeth, however using porcelain laminates which is much stronger and more color stable is usually advisable for long lasting results.

Lingual Porcelain Veneers or Reverse Veneers for the back of damaged front teeth?

If you have loss of enamel from the inside, due to acid erosion or other factors.. causing eroded teeth , especially on the back side of front teeth, the dentist must restore the lingual (back side of front teeth) with dental bond, possibly lingual composite veneer, or lingual porcelain veneer or a reverse veneer. The longevity will be questionable if all the enamel is gone, and only dentin remains due to acid erosion!. The dentist is relying on dental bond to bond the lingual veneer or reverse porcelain veneer to dentin, in which is not as strong as a bond when it is bonded to enamel.

Per our expert cosmetic dentist it is worth it to the least invasive method to restore the damaged eroded teeth conservatively with lingual veneers, or reverse veneers, only if financial is not an issue. Lingual veneers is the least invasive method, vs placing a porcelain crown, in which it is a more aggressive approach! The bite and occlusion must always be evaluated before hand, prior to having reverse veneers or lingual veneers.

What can I do if I have Bulky Veneers, and I am not happy?

Once the veneers are bonded permanently, unfortunately the dentist can not thin them out, you need to redo the veneers. Thinning the veneers, can cause possible discoloration, micro fractures, and loss of glaze. If there is problems with the shape, very minor adjustments can be done, but as far as thickness, the problem could have been the dental lab technician, or not enough reshaping of the teeth. Keep in mind the more the dentist cuts from the tooth, the more sensitive the tooth can become, due to getting closer to the nerve, and unfortunately the dentin will be exposed which has lesser bond to the enamel, however a dentist may determine to do that, to sacrifice great bonding vs giving the patient not bulky veneers. Keep in mind the more misaligned the teeth are, the more shaping your teeth may need, which in turn can also expose dentin! Ask Dr Mobasser to help you make a decision on what to do?

When to do Veneers vs Orthodontics vs Invisalign?

In some cases where the teeth are misaligned severely or crowded, it is best to have first orthodontics with braces, or possibly Invisalign, rather than having porcelain veneers done first and then get orthodontics.

In some cases depending on your bite and misaligned teeth, the cosmetic dentist will do veneers first on the upper teeth, if there is not much misaligned teeth, to establish cosmetics on upper teeth, then function for lower teeth. If the lowers are misaligned, then the cosmetic dentist refer you to get orthodontics first on lower ( If there is crowding) followed up by veneers.

If your goal is to have a better shaped teeth or brighter color, orthodontics, does not provide that, so eventually you may need to do veneers, however if your teeth are slightly misaligned, the cosmetic dentist will decide if he wants to provide you with INSTANT ORTHODONTICS with veneers. Keep in mind the more misaligned your teeth are, the more shaping is required for the cosmetic dentist to align your teeth. This shaping again depending on how much shaping is needed, can cause possible need for root canal, or intentional Endodontics.

How Much Veneers Cost? and How Long Porcelain veneers lasts?

Dr Mobasser Veneers after 30 years, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Ca

Dr Mobasser Veneers after 30 years, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Ca

Dr Mobasser veneers after 32 years, LA, Beverly Hills, Ca

(32 years, in the mouth, and still looking natural.)

Above: Successful Veneers by Dr Anthony Mobasser done in 1987, lasting 30 years, still functioning well, and looking great.

Porcelain Veneers questions?

Kow that Porcelain veneers has been around since 1982, so the maximum track record is about 37 years or so…

The cost of porcelain veneers? how long the veneers will last you? how comfortable your veneers will be? Do they give you any problems? do they function well? and do they match your face? and of course who is doing them? Above you see 2 examples of veneers on upper and lower front teeth, placed in 1988, and 1989 by Dr Anthony Mobasser, for 2 different patients lasting so far about 26 years, and still looking great and functioning well, and patients are so satisfied with them that they do not want to change non of the veneers! all they do is to come for their 4 to 6 month preventative visits, to protect their investments, and feel good!

Are Dental Porcelain Veneers Permanent?

Porcelain Veneers after 28 Years with Dr Mobasser

Porcelain veneers after 28 years with tear and wear

Above: Mouth reconstruction with veneers by cosmetic dentist Dr Mobasser 28 years ago.

Still looking good, feeling good, and lasting a long time!


Nothing man made is permanent, according to ADA ( American Dental Association), veneers will last 5 to 10 years, Above you will see veneers completed in 1987 by Dr Anthony Mobasser, lasting more than 30 years, and still looking great and functioning well. The conservation of tooth structure and the sensitive protocol to bond the veneers in by an expert cosmetic dentist, is vital to longevity of veneers.

Can veneers be removed easily?

Removing veneers is time consuming procedure. It is important for the cosmetic dentist to know what type of porcelain was used to fabricate your veneers. If the veneers are feldspathic porcelain, removing feldspathic veneers will be easier than removing Emax veneers. It will take much longer to remove Emax veneers, to be redone, than regular porcelain veneer, meaning more doctors time!

Once veneers is removed you will need to make another veneer! You can not just remove laminate veneers and leave the tooth without another coverage, since veneers involve shaping teeth prior to placing veneers. One must know that veneers are irreversible technique vs lumineers or no prep veneers, in which no tooth shaping and preparation is needed.

How do I keep my veneers white?

Maintenance of veneers, is best done by treating cosmetic dentist. The use of certain polishing pastes and powders, and the techniques used to maintain the lust and shine of the veneers for many years to come, is directly dependent on the knowledge of treating dentist, and the preventative visits recommended by the cosmetic dentist. Coarse or abrasive pastes, can remove the shine, scaling or use of cavitron (ultasonic machine) directly on the porcelain, can scratch the porcelain. Ask Dr Mobasser for the necessary preventative care needed, which can vary from patient to patient.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

These veneers were done in 1987, 30 years ago by Dr Anthony Mobasser, still looking great and functioning well!

porcelain-veneers-hollywood-ca after 30 years

Veneers in the mouth after 30 years

Instant Orthodonics with Porcelain veneers


Before dental veneers, Mis-aligned teeth

After Front Lower teeth veneers Beverly Hills Ca

After Front Lower teeth veneers Beverly Hills Ca

If you have crooked teeth and do not want to have braces or Invisalign, ask Dr Mobasser for possibility to align your teeth, change the shape, straighten your teeth, and give it a lift using porcelain veneer dentistry rather than crowning all your teeth. When the teeth are in and out, our experienced cosmetic dentist can give you Instant Orthodontics within 7 days vs 4 to 5 years! Instant Orthodontics is priceless.


Porcelain veneer for one front tooth: We Make it as Natural as you Want

Before One Front tooth Veneer, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills,Ca

Before One Front Tooth Veneer


After One Front Tooth Veneer

Above, Duplicate the Shape and Color, and making it as Before :
 To restore one front tooth veneer is the hardest job for any expert cosmetic dentist. It requires meticulous preparation of the tooth involved and expert master ceramist and hours of custom work. Dr Anthony Mobasser specializes in Cosmetic dentistry since 1980. Thanks to his master ceramist Vincent, who also practices in Beverly Hills Ca. The patient wanted the color right and have custom porcelain work so his front tooth mimimics his adjacent tooth, The result was priceless.


Veneer Color Selection

What is the best color for my veneers?
Before Porcelain Veneers


After choosing pearly white natural color for veneers
After Porcelain Veneers

patient wanting sharp canine teeth

Patient wanting sharp canine teeth

redo veneers

New Veneers, to mimic exactly the shape of the original teeth, however making the porcelain veneer slightly lighter, this was accomplished by Emax veneers, since strength was needed on above patient.