Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before & After Pictures – Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before and After photos of full mouth reconstruction are a major testament to a reconstructive dentist’s skill. Chances are that if you like the before and after pictures, you will be pleased with your own results. Below is a sampling of  Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s photos of the same patient prior to full-mouth rehabilitation, with a missing front tooth and shifted discolored teeth, wanting a newly rejuvenated smile. As you can see Dr. Mobasser turned the clock back 20 years!

full mouth reconstruction Before dental reconstruction
full mouth reconstruction After dental reconstruction, Emax crowns and Veneers


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full mouth reconstruction
Full mouth Rehabilitation of short worn teeth with gaps:
Short teeth with gaps before dental reconstruction Short teeth with gaps before dental reconstruction
After dental reconstruction with emax porcelain After dental reconstruction with emax porcelain

Patients needing full-mouth reconstruction often suffer from a lack of self esteem, confidence, and just wanting to feel better when smiling. Patients who often feel like covering their mouths when they laugh or smile can also be good candidates for cosmetic dentistry.  The course of treatment for this particular masterpiece and Smile Make Over consisted of: Periodontal therapy, Bite Analysis,  porcelain veneers onlays, porcelain crowns, instant orthodontics, an occlusal guard due to occlusal disease and more. Here the pictures speak for themselves! A total transformation of smile was completed, giving the patient a brand new sense of self confidence.


Underbite Correction With veneers

Patient BELOW wanted to correct the under bite, and did not want any surgical intervention. He wanted non surgical correction of his under bite, get whiter teeth, and close the gaps also. The Aesthetic and functional needs of this patient was accomplished using dental veneers, and dental veneer porcelain overlays (onlays) to raise the collapsed bite. Under-bite correction required full mouth reconstruction of his existing bite, to raise the bite, closing the gaps, and giving the patient pearly white smile using porcelain veneers technology, instead of capping or placing crowns on all the back teeth. Patient could not be happier using non surgical correction of his under bite.

Before dark tooth, and chipped tooth, porcelain veneer Before Under-bite correction
After correction with porcelain veneer Emax After Under-bite correction


Full Mouth Reconstruction before and after photos

Patient presented with misaligned front teeth, bite problems( occlusal disease) and narrow arch, worn out teeth, not happy with the color, form and function. Full mouth reconstruction was done to give the patient comfortable bite, fuller smile, younger looking shape, and the color of teeth to match her skin tone and the whites of her eyes. These results were accomplished with porcelain veneers, veneer overlays, changing old porcelain bridges, and porcelain crowns, in 3 to 4 visits. She could not be happier with the results!


full mouth reconstruction beforeBefore Full Mouth Reconstruction
full mouth reconstruction afterAfter Full Mouth Reconstruction


 More Before And After photos:

dental reconstruction dentist Los Angeles Before full mouth rehabilitation
dental reconstruction dentist After full mouth rehabilitation


Dr. Mobasser specializes in Full mouth rehabilitation since 1980. Worn down teeth were all restored beautifully. The patient is so happy since time was turned back. Patient loved the shape, color, alignment of teeth, and overbite correction.

before cosmetic dentistry


after cosmetic dentistry