Dental Veneers in Beverly Hills

The Right Dental Veneers in Beverly Hills

Think of your favorite movie star. Maybe they’re your favorite because you love their acting and they’ve been in some of your favorite movies. Perhaps they’re your favorite because they’re, well, really incredibly attractive. Now, imagine you met your favorite movie star on the street. If you’re like most people,…

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Dental Veneers in Los Angeles

No Prep Dental Veneers in Los Angeles

At first glance, “no prep veneers” can sound a little bit scary. “Wait a minute,” you might be thinking, “someone’s going to do something to my teeth without putting any prep in??” of course, that’s definitely not the case. “No Prep Veneers” or “Lumineers” are called “no prep” because it…

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Invisalign, Lumineers and Veneers in Cosmetic Dentistry

Invisalign treatment is one of the best options to straighten teeth or fix a gap. Although it is one of the fastest ways to achieve your dream smile, you need to be patient about. Several factors affect the length of time the Invisalign treatment will take to achieve your desired…

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