Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost

The cost of cosmetic dentistry will depend on the procedure. Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve your teeth’s appearance and their function. It’s used to resolve issues, like uneven, missing or chipped teeth, among others. Dr. Anthony Mobasser will first evaluate your overall dental condition before giving you an estimate. He’ll…

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Renowned Celebrity Dentist Offers State of the Art Dental Services in Beverly Hills

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a well-known celebrity dentist around the globe who provides state-of-the-art dental services at his Beverly Hills dental office. He has more than three decades of experience in cosmetic dentistry and one of the few highly trained cosmetic dental experts in the US. With Dr. Mobasser’s dexterity…

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Who is the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills?

Do you know someone who doesn’t flash a genuine smile? A person who stays tight lipped during family pictures and outings. One who feels obliged to cover their mouth when they smile or laugh? A beautiful healthy smile is pivotal to how you feel about yourself. Fortunately, dazzling million dollar…

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cosmetic dentistry

Award-Winning Hollywood Dentist

As an award-winning Hollywood dentist, Dr. Mobasser is the reason celebrities from all parts of the world take pride in showing off their perfect teeth. Most of his patients are fashion icons, captains of the industry and national and international celebrities who wish to have immaculately straight white teeth. He…

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